Love is a Ten Letter Word

May 31, 2020

Colossians 3:14

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.

The word “love” takes on many different meanings to many different people. One person may describe it as the emotion they feel when the listen to the beautiful sounds of a piano being played. To another, it may be the feelings they experience listening to a child’s laughter.

While we can all relate to the feelings described above, the true meaning of love goes much deeper. It is a non-negotiable, steadfast feeling that does not waver. Love is really a ten-letter word: Commitment.

On the simplest level, people bring home a pet puppy or pet kitten, and they fall in love. They have committed to caring for this precious little one for the span of its life. Commitment.

On a greater level, a man and woman vow to love each other in holy matrimony, until death parts them. Commitment.

When a husband and wife start a family, those precious children are a permanent addition that the family longed for and will be loved unconditionally for the rest of their parents’ lives. Commitment.

And over two thousand years ago, God saw a lost and dying world that needed a Savior. Wrapping Himself in flesh, Jesus Christ walked on this earth among men and women who had no hope of redemption. He knew that the world needed a perfect sacrifice, and willingly gave up His life through a horrendous death on a cross. Before the crucifixion, Jesus knew that He was going to be crucified. Yet, He loved us so much, He allowed Himself to be hung on a cross to die. Commitment. The greatest commitment of all.

No commitment can be compared to what Jesus willingly did to save the lost souls of men. Although our Lord has not asked us to physically sacrifice our lives to death, His Word does tell us to be a living sacrifice, one that can be used in the perfect will of God. As God uses men to perform His will on earth, we are privileged that He considers us worthy to be used. This is our opportunity to follow the example of the Lord by being committed to a worthy cause.

Camarao Shekinah Foundation endeavors to follow the example of Jesus by the giving of ourselves. We are committed to providing an education for children who need further learning, helping others with medical care, and aiding those who have suffered natural disasters. In our humanity, we desire to be completely committed to our mission of loving and helping our fellow men and women, demonstrating the Spirit of God in us through compassion, genuine love for each other, and serving others as we are able.

We would like to invite you to join our commitment with a commitment of your own. Your financial support is the means by which we can offer support to those in need locally. Every donation is used for relief, education and care for the precious people we have committed to. And we want to thank each of you who are changing the future of our children and families, one commitment at a time.

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