Do We Serve a Casual God?

October 29, 2022

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,” 2 Timothy 3:16

Fads come and go every few years, with some new ideas sticking for generations to come. Home décor styles, clothing trends new and improved diet plans, self-improvement philosophies, and more introduce themselves to current culture and subtly dictate the direction of society.

Currently, the world is seeing a significant amount in the area of being casual. Casual dating. Casual clothing. Casual dining. The list could go on, mentioning many other things that are relaxed and non-committal. While casual things have their proper place, they are not favorable for all areas of life.

One area, in particular, is our commitment to and relationship with God. When society understands this, there will be incredible improvements to our world.

When God created all that is, He included such incredible detail and planning. Spending even just a few short moments to take in all that we see on a daily basis speaks loudly of how amazing our God is. The grand Creator did not skimp on details in His creation, in His laws, or in His plans for mankind. He has continually shown His children a non-casual approach to all things pertaining to Him, all the way down to His death on the cross to bring redemption to mankind.

Jesus is not casual about His faithfulness.

Jesus is not casual with His love for humanity.

Jesus is not casual about His desire for men and women to live in the abundance He offers. As the opening scripture shows us, there is teaching, reproof, correction, and training for a life in righteousness.

With such a caring Savior, we have a responsibility to embrace the grace He extends to us, taking full advantage of the power to walk with Him in righteousness.

Matthew 11:29 says, “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” While our Lord is not a casual God, He is also not a harsh God. He is gentle, personal, and approachable.

With the grace He extends to His children each and every day, it should be our pleasure to live for Him with zeal and dedication.  

Let us honor Jesus by our faithfulness to Him. Stop excusing ourselves for allowing our flesh to rule.

A non-casual Christian doesn’t use the excuse, “I’m only human.”

A non-casual Christian doesn’t confess a love for Jesus on church days but fulfills the lust of the flesh on all other days.

A non-casual Christian doesn’t sin “just a little.” A little lie here, a little gossip there, a touch of stirring up trouble today, mistreating our fellow Christian tomorrow…

When we look at God for the magnificent Creator and Savior that He is, we will remember that He is not our casual buddy who wants to be there when it is convenient for us. To realize that consecration brings about the miraculous and all that God intends for us is to love our intentional God all the more.

As the children of our intentional, non-casual God, let’s allow our Father’s traits to shine through us, one non-casual day at a time!

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