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Do We Serve a Casual God?
October 29, 2022
When we look at God for the magnificent Creator and Savior that He is, we will remember that He is not our casual buddy who wants to be there when it is convenient for us. To realize that consecration brings about the miraculous and all that God intends for us is to love our intentional God all the more.
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Will They See Jesus in Us?
October 15, 2022
Will They See Jesus in Us?
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What Does Your Book Say?
October 1, 2022
Every person has their own story. The billions of people on Earth can be likened to books, open and being read by those who see and interact with them every day. So many stories are presented to us, and our own lives are presented to those we interact with as well.
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God is Not Done with You!
August 17, 2022
Friends, we are not out of reach for our Lord, no matter where we are, how far we’ve strayed, or how long it takes us to realize our need for Him in our lives. If we find ourselves in a fallen place spiritually, we simply need to turn back to Jesus! He is not finished with us yet!
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September 3, 2022
Renewal can come in many areas of our lives. It takes our acknowledgement of our need, and our willingness to change what we are able.
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Past Circumstances Do Not Determine Your Future
August 20, 2022
It is a beautiful offering to the souls who love Jesus that no matter where they come from in life, redemption is available to them.
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Praise Looks Good on You!
August 6, 2022
Friends, praise is beautiful! It is beautiful on each of us!
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Walking in Grace-Walking in Power
July 23, 2022
Walking in grace is to walk in power. It is available for the child of God, and God’s desire for blessing His children.
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Frustrating the Grace of God
July 9, 2022
Instead of relying on our own strength to be good enough, let us accept the gifts God wants us to receive. When we become children of God according to God’s plan, we are loved by Him! We are forgiven of our mistakes and sins! We are able to walk in true victory!
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