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Fedeserio Camarao Sr
Fedeserio Camarao, Sr.
Dr. Fedeserio C. Camarao is a top-ranked executive having served as  state university president (TUP),  private university chancellor (UE Caloocan),  college dean in three state universities, and manager in a prestigious consulting firm, SGV & Co. He is also a seasoned consultant in education and manpower development  having served as education and training expert in various WB and ADB funded development projects in  India, Nepal, Pakistan,  Indonesia, Fiji and other Asia-Pacific  countries   He specializes in leading a new organization in charting its direction and effectively utilizing its resources to attain goals, and in effecting reforms on older organizations to meet new prospects and challenges of the future. His track record as executive in five prestigious universities he has served reveal his heart for the welfare of employees by leading the formation of multi-purpose cooperative to enhance their socio-economic benefits. In the state university where he serve as president, he also organized a Foundation of the University, where he continuously served as the chairman of the Board of Trustees up to date.
Gloria Camarao
Gloria Camarao
Dr. Gloria C. Camarao, is a holder of Doctor of Philosophy in Entomology. She had been a recipient of professional awards namely: Outstanding University Women Professionals Award; Outstanding Scientific Research Award and Most Outstanding Entomologist. Dr. Gloria C. Camarao had more than 40 years of experience as Professor and Research Scientist in Biology, Entomology and Agricultural Science. In her capacity as Full University Professor, she taught graduate courses in Entomology and Biology and served as thesis and dissertation adviser of graduate students. As an accomplished researcher she had 13 scientific researches that were published in scientific journals and has also written 12 other technical papers published in other journals. Dr. Camarao also served as Director of Research, Editor-in-Chief of a scientific journal, Chairman, Department of Entomology, Chairman, Department of Biological Science, Consultant, Environmental Planning; Consultant, Terrestrial Specialist; and Consultant,Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating the Projects of the National Estate Crops of Indonesia.
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