Compassion-Helping During Covid 19

May 31, 2020

Proverbs 11:24-25

24 Those who give generously receive more,
   but those who are stingy with what is appropriate will grow needy.
25 Generous persons will prosper;
   those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

For the past several months, people across the globe have been experiencing the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic in many different ways. Mandates have affected the ability for people to work, socialize, or even leave their homes in different countries. One thing for sure-the entire world has been impacted.

What does this mean for us? It should be a time when all of us can look at our own personal situation and see if we can somehow help someone else. Economies and families have been deeply impacted in negative ways. Loss of jobs and income, the inability to pay bills, and an overwhelming sense of fear have become the undesired reality of many people.

Our Savior is compassionate, and if His Spirit dwells in us, we should have a spirit of compassion as well. Our hearts should feel deep concern for our fellow man who is struggling to regain his losses.

Each one of us knows what we are individually capable of doing to help others who have been affected during this troublesome time.  

Were we among those who were able to continue working during this pandemic? Are our expenses taken care of?  Let us find it in our hearts to help someone with one of their needs. Do our neighbors have food? Can we prepare for them a meal? Can we supply a bag of groceries to lighten their burden? Or do we have a need that we can pay them to help us with?

If we have been among those who weren’t able to continue working, do we still have something to offer to our fellow human? Yes, of course we do! A word of encouragement, a greeting card, an invitation to sit a drink tea together, or taking a little time to take a walk with a friend are all ways to give of ourselves. To some, this may seem minor and even unnecessary, but for the widow, the friendless, and the family who is feeling hopeless, they would disagree.

In times of uncertainty like the one we are pulling through right now, no matter who we are and whether in big ways or small ways, everyone can do something. As Christians, it is God’s desire for us to reach out to our brothers and sisters.

As we endeavor to reach out to others with continued education and a safe and healthy environment, we at the Camarao Shekinah Foundation are among those who need the support of others as well. With your contributions to our purpose and mission, our way of thanking you is by giving the best we have to those we are blessed to work with. It is also our way of giving back, loving those we are privileged to help.

May our compassion change the world, one caring heart at a time.

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