Our Action Plan

The following action plans will be implemented starting in Year 2021 and the succeeding years, based on the results of a regular evaluation and close monitoring, based on the stated objectives of the CSFI and the availability of funds that will be augmented out of donations from generous Givers touched by God.
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Grant 1–5 Bible college scholarships to deserving students who are interested or passionate about Christian service and other fields of study, and who are recommended by a disciplemaking church.
Increase the number of financially supported Mission Workers, for  Christian  ministries in four  strategically located state universities in the country
Provide financial support:          
           a) Annual distribution of Our Daily Bread and Gospel tracts (under preparation) to a select-public (working professionals, students and couples);
           b)  Attendance of 2- 5 couples to attend life-changing couple seminar;          
           c)  Attendance of 5 - 10 individuals to attend seminars on Christian growth and disciple-making;
           d)  Christian education for children
Contribute assistance to calamities through donation of appropriate basic needs
Provide financial support in the conduct of medical mission for the poor and the cost of hospitalization of 1 - 2 indigent patient per year at Malta Medical Center
Support for indigent and out-of-school youth ages 5-10 through BLESS program
Support CSFI's work in showing God's love to others
With your help, CSFI can reach more people
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