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We exist to help poor Bible College students, Christian missionaries, couples, and youth grow in their faith and discipleship.
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We believe in following the Bible's instructions
We must love others as we love ourselves
(NLT: John 15:12; Matthew 22: 19)
Giving is more blessed than receiving
If we honor the one whose birth is celebrated on Christmas, we will remember that he said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).
Thank you for how you have supported God’s work in so many ways. Thank you for partnering with me through your prayer, encouragement and financial support. As His Second Coming draws closer each day let us bring the Good News of hope and salvation to the people of Cambodia, Philippines and to the ends of the earth. May we all experience His joy and abundance as we help bring in the harvest and fulfill the Great Commission!
Cynthia Ubina
Missionary Worker at Indo-China/Cambodia
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God is Not Done with You!
August 17, 2022
Friends, we are not out of reach for our Lord, no matter where we are, how far we’ve strayed, or how long it takes us to realize our need for Him in our lives. If we find ourselves in a fallen place spiritually, we simply need to turn back to Jesus! He is not finished with us yet!
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Compassion-Helping During Covid 19
May 31, 2020
In times of uncertainty like the one we are pulling through right now, no matter who we are and whether in big ways or small ways, everyone can do something. As Christians, it is God’s desire for us to reach out to our brothers and sisters.
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Cynthia's Testimony - Cambodia Ministry
May 28, 2020
Cambodia is a place where Jesus is not known. Their religion is Buddhism. However, this nation is very open to any religion and they warmly welcome Christians. What seems to be difficult here is to get their trust and commitment… but… Nothing is impossible with God! He is mightily at work! This country is also called “The Kingdom of Wonders”. But I am claiming that this land will be “the Kingdom of God’s Wonders”.
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