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Ability or Availability
June 25, 2022
God doesn’t need ability. He needs availability. As He did when we first surrendered, He can do through us the things we could not do for ourselves.
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Fulfilling our Biblical Responsibilities
June 11, 2022
While we don’t prompt each other to do good things for the reward, there are rewards for our efforts and actions. Helping others rewards us with needs being met, lives being encouraged, and our own inner joy and satisfaction for making a difference.
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Anger’s Companion
May 29, 2022
The human body is made with built-in emotions, and those include the feeling of anger. Letting the Bible instruct us on the proper use of this emotion will help us navigate through life with calmer situations and greater peace.
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Learning Through our Trials
May 16, 2022
Each new day, let us be encouraged to remember the Word of God and adjust the way we handle the trials that come our way. Instead of angry outbursts or other carnal ways of handling our problems, why don’t we ask the Lord, “God, what do you want me to learn from this? Please help me grow in the areas I am lacking. Please cause me to cease from complaining and focus on the lessons that will enrich my life and cause me to grow and prosper spiritually in the ways that You desire me to.
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Trust in the Lord
April 30, 2022
Through difficult trials and strong times of temptation, the choices are to follow our own solutions when they oppose God’s ways, or decide to trust our Lord even if we don’t understand. Obedience brings forth blessings.
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Role Models Needed!
April 16, 2022
How are we measuring up? Are we Christians every day? Do we live honestly every day? How are we treating those around us? Do we walk with integrity? Would our own character be something we would want our own children to mimic?
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The Bigger Picture
April 2, 2022
If we could zoom out of our current troubles and look a few years ahead of where we are today, we will have testimonies of God’s goodness and provisions. We will see some who walked through certain situations in order to become leaders, encouragers, teachers, advocates, prayer warriors, preachers, better parents, better employees, better friends, and better neighbors. We will see those whose faith has grown, whose fears have decreased, whose hearts have softened, and whose faith can no longer be shaken.
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Sharing the Gospel of Jesus
March 19, 2022
Sharing the gospel of Jesus is done most effectively through a heart that has been transformed by our Lord and His great love for us. Seeing a soul that was bound by sin but is now delivered by the power of Jesus Christ lets the world know that our Lord is still alive! His power has never diminished! The psalm above lets us know that God heard the prayers of the writer because he truly desired a clean heart that did not harbor sin. His clean heart toward God is what gave him the opportunity to witness to others.
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“Why” is a Great Motivator
March 5, 2022
Our discomfort in growth will be worth it all when we reach the goal. On our days of discouragement, we need to look back to our “whys” and then, carry on.
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